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WC Mano Negra Bta and "Jean Pierre Coffe's gourmet recipes"
December 13, 2007
Author: Jean-Pierre Coffe, Domon - The matter in this book is not to learn but rather to understand cooking's secrets. And to cook well, there is only one recipe: knowing every single food's properties, history ad origins. But who knows today about the recipe for our grandmothers' jams, the origin of sugar or chocolate and each and every fruit's season? Yearning for knowledge, discovering, know-how, enjoying and eventually sharing. With this book, which is much more than a simple recipes book, J-P Coffe reveals his secrets and the basics for the art of cooking thanks to which you can get familiar with his passion! This piece of work will delight children' and grown-ups' eyes and taste buds. As far as we are concerned, we are gaining from a nice highlight (cover and inner pages) of the WC Mano Negra Bta font. Thanks guys! -