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Comics - CASTERMAN ┬┤ L'oeil ├łtait dans la tombe ┬¬
February 16, 2008
┬┤ L'oeil ├łtait dans la tombe ┬¬ (The eye was in the grave) with WC Roughtrad in the title. A book by Christian De Metter is never a book like the others. He works on direct coloring and creates boards which can be compared to real paintings. His style is original, easily recognizable and most of all gives an unbelievable feeling of life. Emotion is transcended by his drawings. And in this specific book, the story features a deep emotional dimension. Christian De Metter tells about the damages caused by some memories buried deep inside the main character's mind since his childhood. Drams, scenes and words will suddenly trigger a pernicious mechanism, leading to madness for that man. This terrific tragedy is perfectly put into scene by De Metter. Despite its detective novel style, the book leads us through the different steps of this eventually deadly neurotic, placing us into a tense atmosphere. What can be more frightening and dangerous than a man who seems to be normal but who reveals to be a monster?The story's rhythm is lively and the reader immediately dives into the story and won't stop until he knows. Many thanks to typotect for having given such a nice layout to the WC Roughtrad Bta, I am proud of it.